Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I have a fan. It sounds like a jet engine and I can't sleep with it on.

I was going to say it's as hot as balls out there, but I looked it up, and it is some way off that. It's not everyday I get to think "Actually, how hot should balls be?"

It's 95°F/35°C, if you were wondering. And since it's only 80°F/27°C here, the comparison is invalid.

Being a cold weather person though, I might as well be walking on the sun.

It has been 1 year, 7 months and 8 days since my last post. I have seen 100 hour working weeks, 10am-6am shifts, moved twice and set my hand one fire at least once. I have been promoted, almost punched a coworker and bought a cast iron teapot specifically for my green tea. And a glass one for my black and red teas. And a tassimo machine. I have never drunk so much coffee.

And I haven't been able to write a single word. I've been tired, manic, depressed, poisoned, exhausted, elated, heavily caffeinated (I spelt that right first time. Slightly proud), giggly and have had insomnia related hallucinations. I am now, however, on a 4on-4off working week. Although to start with it was more 6on-2off, my work has since balanced out, and I have been appreciating the extra time at the weekends.

To cut an already abridged story shorter, I'm starting to feel more like my old, crotchety, sardonic self again. And as such, I've decided to start over with From The Ashes Part1. I'm not rushing head-and-arse first into the prose stage. I'm going to remove the chapters already up, and starting over.

In the beginning there was a database. And it was in a good, free OpenOffice format. Should anyone decide to use this (feel free, it's an amalgamation of ideas from across the web), I'd recommend making a copy for each story line. That way it shouldn't get too messy.

This is where I'm starting. I'm going to flesh out every character until I know them better than they could possibly know themselves. I've created a form to make it easier to follow (I thought about putting in drop down boxes and stuff, but then I thought "How difficult is it to type 'male'?") and enter.

This could potentially take months. But, however long it takes, my writing will be better off as a result. I'd imagine the more characters I fill out, the easier and quicker it will become. And once I've finished the characters, I'll need the tech, environments, cultures (this one I could probably do with starting now, along with species and the likes. It will help with the character creation); I might try for an extensive list of plot points, but who knows, by that stage the story may just flow out.

Anyway, onwards!

Mike 'myfaceismeltingohgodwhoinventedhayfeveriwantthemended' Barlow

P.S. It was this article from Writing Exercises which spurred me on to update my seemingly rather bare character profiles.