Saturday, 6 December 2008

I am made of fail.

I had to say it. Made of win, made of fail. I find this poor use of English amusing, unlike Chav-speak. Or text speak. Did I ever mention I knew someone who would actually say 'lol' instead of laughing?

Ahem, moving on. Well, Karen jinxed me. "How you're going fit writing in too I've no idea!"

Okay, so that wasn't fair (sorry, Karen). I didn't have nearly as many overtime hours as previous months, but overtime from previous months caught up with me and kept slipping sleeping tablets into my cup of tea.

Essentially, this year I found myself barely able to get out of bed and get to work, never mind get on the computer and type two thousand words a day. It was the work-eat-work-sleep cycle all over again.

Excuse mode cancelled. I tried at the last weekend to bump my word count up, but failed miserably. On the upside, I actually like writing this one, as opposed to Pulling the Strings, which is like trying to worm a cat. When I get a document proof towel to wrap it in, it'll be plain sailing.

That being said, perhaps I'm not the type of person who can write that fast. Won't stop me from trying each year though. So I'll keep writing until one of the bloody things is finished. I can't get back to my parents for Christmas this year (I'm working either side of it), so I'll see what I can do on the days the lab is closed.

So ten thousand words and going... Lets see if I can hit twenty-five thousand before March (which was how it went with PtS). Hell, I'm hoping I can hit fifty before the end of January. I've got 15 days of leave to use up before the end of March. I'll think I'll be able to do something. Next year I'll take a two week break in November (if I am able), give myself more time.

Anywho, I will keep you all updated.


P.S. Wow... I've just read that post, and I think it's probably the most disjointed post I've ever written. Still, that's how my brain works... disjointed, argumentative, and wandering off in crowded areas. I may have to put it on a leash.