Monday, 10 November 2008

Screaming Ninja Pinky of Death strikes again...

Damn that curse...

It was the sixth of November last year I wrote about the death of my schedule (what brought it up? I've just got another comment on that post...).

Okay so this year, due to work commitments (and terminal can't-stay-awake-need-caffiene-to-stop-talking-like-William-Shatner syndrome), I'm a little behind.... By approximately 14,000 words. But I'll make it up (not literally... that would be cheating).

Unfortunately I think work is having a little more effect on my imagination than I thought it would. Or rather, my ability to express it. Every time I sit down to write, I get tired, or a headache, or both.

Perhaps this Hammer-and-a-Horlicks motivational therapy isn't working.

However, this weekend I think I worked out a minor kink in my program.

I don't think in a linear way. Far from it. I mean, I start my shift and already I'm thinking of home. Seriously though, my thoughts are a garbled mess, all over the place, from pillar to post, so to speak.

So why then do I try to write my stories in a linear fashion? I go from chapter to chapter, knowing vaguely what I want to write, and then I get stuck.

So instead, when I get my mojo back (vitamin tablets on standby! Perhaps I should turn them off to save energy...), I'll be writing random segments, and shuffling them into place once I think those segments are complete.

This means I won't be able to post chapters (because I'll be working on a section of chapter 15 and a bit of chapter 7 all at the same time), but I'll see about exerpts.

The quality this time, however, is attrocious (Last time I polished it as I went along. Which slowed me down somewhat. Eventually I had no screen left!), so I'll be a little selective.

Well, I'm going to see about writing a little more tomorrow.

Looking more and more like I'm going to have to blitz it at the weekends... (And there are three left! Ten thousand saturday, ten thousand sunday, sounds reasonable).

Cheers and good luck all,
"I can see the future.... It involves a guy in a hat talking to some person."

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Day two almost over...

Chapter one is... I'll say done, but it is far from finished. It needs some serious work.

Currently it stands at 2,855 words. It'll be much more than that when I'm finished with it.

It's more rough than I'm used to... but pah, it's done for now. On to the next chapter. By midnight tonight I want 3,000 words at least. I think I can manage 145 words in 30 minutes... Here's hoping for the 3,546 target.

On to chapter two!


Edit- Can't update my word count on the official site. As of 23:58 it stands at 3,173.

Day one over....

And not the worst of starts. Last year I rounded off day one with a meagre thousand words, this year- 1321. Which isn't bad for a first day (especially considering that I've been doing all sorts of other things), and I'm going to write a little more before I go to bed.

I can't upload my word count just yet, as the official site is singing the first-day-slow blues. That's to be expected, so I'll be trying again tomorrow.

Here's aiming for 3,000 words tomorrow!


Edit: I managed to use the word 'Modicum'. I've been itching to use that for weeks now.