Friday, 31 October 2008

And it begins... after supper. And a snack. Salted Pistachio's on standby...

Midnight tonight people!

If I manage to stay awake (though I've got a cold, and so have been missing out on sleep thanks to the not-being-able-to-breathe factor), then I'll be starting From the Ashes on time. Instead of after a lazy breakfast like last year. No lazy breakfast this year! I probably won't be awake until at least lunchtime.

I'm also not due back at work until Wednesday, so I've got time to pack plenty of writing in!

Despite stealing bandwidth from my parents (They'll be putting up with me for the next few days... so I'm gonna have to cook something...), posting still a bit of an issue, because firefox (my internet browser) is screwing up. Mostly because my old, disturbingly quiet (as in Norman Bates quiet), battery-less laptop is about ready to give up the ghost. So I'm shopping for a brand spanking new Tower PC tomorrow!

Also, I kind of thought of a major portion of the first chapter in early june, mostly involving a blazing row between powered-armour and it's wearer. But because I didn't write it down (couldn't- technically against rules of NaNoWriMo), I've forgotten it. So I'll be trying to remember it right up until I actually reach that section of the chapter.

Ah well. Still, head is hurting with ideas. Let's see if I get on with this more than I did with Pulling the Strings (still writing that by the way, I think it may go smoother once I actually finish chapter 12- that's the bit I got stuck on... half way through, getting in a paragraph every so often.)

They say that writer's block is a symptom of writing a situation that doesn't fit. So to solve, all you have to do is re-write it until it does (easier said than done). The situation in chapter 12 unfortunately fits fine, and to re-write it would mean re-writing earlier chapters to make them fit. So I'm having to use brute force and try and sledge-hammer my way through the obstacle.

The first chapter won't involve the Rising Phoenix at all. It will portray the attack that is supposed to claim the lives of Religious Icon and Bodyguard. Most of it will be seen from the viewpoint of another character (powered armour and wearer) who doesn't actually join the main story arc until later.

Anyway... back to preparing.

See you all at the starting line!


Friday, 10 October 2008

To err is digital...

Okay... I've been trying to post since the 5th October. Unfortunately, my internet access has thus far prevented me from logging into anything. So out came the old, disturbingly silent laptop which heats my fingers in cold weather.... ah, true multitasking.

And the internet works perfectly on this (aside from a slew of pages not loading AT ALL).

However, I saved what I was trying to say as a txt file on my old, disturbingly noisy and Not In The Least Bit Irritating tower PC. So I'm going to have to run from memory.

I've been reading blogs, but have been unable to comment due to problems above, but now I've solved it (by replacing stuff with other stuff), expect to be hearing from me.

In answer to comments-

Ann, I'll be posting extracts on both, t'internet permitting. I'm actually desperate to get started, because my head is starting to hurt...

Helen, it's a relief to be back. Thanks for watching out for the new posts!

Karen, no need for a fire brigade- I've worked out how to use an extinguisher with my feet. And the pearl of wisdom was more of a witty comeback and contained a surprisingly appropriate use of the 'c' word. Yes, he swears like a sailor. It went "There's no 'I' in 'Team'." "No but there is a 'U' in ****."

If they can get away with just bleeping rude words at 12 noon on Radio One, I can get away with censoring just one word.

Also Karen, 'Librarian' is not a legally protected job title. Not only that, but librarian is defined as 'n. a person in charge of or assisting in a library'. So you're a librarian. Anyone who says differently is a snob.

Back on the topic of NaNoWriMo (oooh... I should try logging in), I've come up with a 'keep Mike entertained when he's stuck' stratagem. In stead of simply stepping back and seeing if my imagination starts again on its own, I'm going to write a second story in the background to keep it ticking over until I bypass the occlusion.


One thousand years after the immortal emperor Vakriss passed his vast kingdom of Ferrodown to his daughter, Marie of The Real, all is not well. Although the people generally love Empress Marie, dissent has been brewing for decades, and rumours are being spread saying she is no longer fit to rule.

The unrest has even infected her beloved Generals, who served her father before her for thousands of years. Loyal General Krygen, his Blademaster and the Knights of the Realm rally behind the queen, upholding oaths to serve the royal bloodline at any cost to themselves.

The Protector General, the warrior-priestess who drove the demon Shade from the former emperor's body nearly four thousand years previously, has begun to doubt the rule. With this split in opinion, the unrest grows into a full-blown civil war, and at the centre stands a masked traveller known only as Synchronous and His Incredible Clockwork Men.

He seems to be the trigger for disaster, and he intends to see things run like clockwork.

It came to me in a dream... I think I need a shrink, if I'm perfectly honest. I won't even go into the dream before that... it was the most lucid dream I've ever had.

I'll post more on From the Ashes and even perhaps Pulling the Strings tomorrow.