Friday, 4 July 2008

Oh the pain, the pain of it all!

Well, I'm not quite back online yet. This message is brought to you via the magic of mobile broadband. It's expensive, and has a cap on it so small a mouse could step on it. So I won't be doing this very often.

I actually have no idea how to set up my phoneline. You see, I live in a houseshare, and each room has it's own phoneline. As a result of no flat number, I don't know how to convey which line I want activating. So I need to call my landlord and ask for the line details.

Which is another problem. I work on a shift pattern of 1pm-9pm, Mon-Fri. Which means it's too late to call them when I get home, and usually I can't bring myself to wake up early enough to catch them before they're at work. So I'll call them tomorrow. Saturday! I mean Saturday. Not tomorrow. Otherwise I'll never do it.

Work is dull, but the people are great, and I've randomly developed mild hayfever. Which is odd, considering I've never had an allergy before, and I've always lived in rural areas.

Anyway, I'm gradually developing this year's NaNovel (and I've also promised myself that I'll try a bit more on Pulling the Strings). Unfortunately, until I've got proper broadband, I can't upload anything because of the stupidly small limits using my mobile.

I thought the best way to start developing a general plot, was to write a blurb-style plot summary. Unfortunately it came out wrong-

Earth is a barren wasteland, destroyed by climate change and biological warfare. Although terraforming projects are ongoing to repair the damaged planet, they need supplies. The solar colonies only have enough to support themselves, so the supplies must come from the prolific extrasolar colonies and outside aid.

Enter the
Rising Phoenix. A rusting 700 year old cargo vessel, retrofitted with interstellar engines, and captained by Buriash Scrape, a lazy profiteer, who keeps his profit margins high by cutting his costs. He has an easy, safe job. As one of thousands of craft employed to transport supplies back to Earth, all he has to do is pick up and drop off.

That all changes when he takes up a commission to transport a non-human ambassador to Earth to assess what aid is needed. With nothing but money on his mind, Buriash happily picks up another traveller, who convinces the ambassador to take the ship off course. Around a dead planet he encounters Iskast, the Canisariad, a religious icon portrayed as a living goddess and healer of worlds.

But she's supposed to be dead, assassinated by an unfriendly race for the purposes of starting a war.

And now her life, and the lives of the others on board the
Rising Phoenix are forfeit...

I think it sounds pretty good, although the captain was supposed to be a secondary character, and this blurb makes him sound like the main protagonist.

Ah well.

Until next time (which will be soon, I hope),